Wooden needle case

€ 7,95
NA-140 C57

Horn spoon, large

large horn spoon
€ 3,95
NA-016 B

Horn spoon, small

Little horn spoon
€ 2,95
NA-017 C73

Bone dice

€ 0,95
Please choose a type.
MA-005 A

Purse bar

Replica of a brass medieval purse bar
€ 14,95
MA-011 B

Brass aiglette with crown

€ 0,75

Brass aiglette with knob

€ 0,75


Replica of an aiglette or point
€ 0,75
MA-010 B

Iron candle holder

Replica of an iron candle stand
€ 4,95
MA-007 B

Lucet for cordmaking

Replica of a lucet for cordmaking
€ 4,95
8A-057 T

Double lucet

Replica of a double lucet for cordmaking
€ 8,95
8A-058 T

Bone hair pin, decorated

Replica of a bone hair pin
€ 4,95
MA-008 C89

Bone hair pin

Replica of a bone hair pin
€ 3,95
MA-013 C89

Bone needle, 8,5 cm

Replica of a bone needle
€ 1,95
MA-004 X

Bone needle, 6 cm

Replica of a bone needle
€ 1,95
MA-015 X

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