18th century English playing cards

Replica of an 18th century English card deck
€ 9,99
18-005 BX

Ornement de retroussis blue on red

Ornement de retroussis blue on red, replica
€ 8,95
NU-037 C51

Shoes, rough side out

Napoleonic shoes, rough side out
€ 99,95
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Pipe scratcher

Pipe scratcher, reproduction
€ 6,95
NA-099 C

French marshall epaulettes, pair

French marshall epaulettes
€ 139,95
NU-030 C6

Musket cleaning set

Musket cleaning set, Length: 108 cm
€ 21,95
CW-021 C56

French epaulettes, gold, pair

French epaulettes, gold, open block pattern
€ 139,95
NU-032 C6

Red epaulettes, pair

Red epaulettes
€ 37,95
NU-090 C5

Shako cords, gold

€ 79,95
NU-086 C2

Sword knot, Dragonne de voltigeur

Sword knot, Dragonne de voltigeur, replica, green and yellow
€ 24,95
NW-069 C65X

Bearskin cords, gold

Bearskin cords, gold
€ 79,95
NU-027 CX

Shako cords white

€ 44,95
NU-144 C1X

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