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Dog tags with your own text, set of 2

Each soldier was issued with a pair of identification tags, called ‘dog tags’.

The information on the tag was:

1st line: first name, middle name initial, last name
2nd line: Army Service Number/T-followed by the year of the anti-tetanus shot and booster injection/blood group (A, B, AB or O)
3rd Line: next-of-kin
4th and 5th line: next-of-kin’s address and optional religion: C(atholic), P(rotestant) or H(ebrew).

From 20 july 1943 the name and address of the next-of-kin were no longer added to the tag
After March 1944 the name order was changed to : surname, first name, second initial

Upon receipt of your order we will e-mail you a form (word document) in which you can enter the text that you would like.

They will be then printed on our old Graphotype machine.

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