Pair of shoe buckles ‘Nike’


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Pair of shoe buckles, brass

7,3 x 4,7 cm, strap size 3,5 cm

Fits the shoes NU-050 and NU-085

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Weight 78 g



  • How to buckle your shoe?

  • What is your environmental policy?

    We do our best to run our business in a sustainable way. We seperate waste streams, we re-use and recycle packing materials and try to buy as little plastic as possible.
  • How do I clean leather shoes?

    Well, first be carefull in wet and muddy circumstances. Treat wet leather shoes carefully. First, remove dirt and sand. Stuff wet shoes with newspaper. Do not use heat and do not let them dry quickly, but slowly at room temperature.Keep leather clean and use leather conditioner, polish and preserve or weatherproof products.
  • How do I clean wool garments?

    Wash them as little as possible. Instead air the garment and brush off mudd and dirt. You will find that wool has self-cleaning properties, so usually this is sufficient.If you have to wash the garment, use a detergent for wool clothing and use the cold water cycle of your washing machine. Lay out flat to dry.
  • How to fold a cockade from ribbon?

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