Abziehbilder, decals LW (late model)


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Decals (late model)


How to apply the decal:

Make sure the surface on the helmet where you wish to place the decal is clean

Cut the decal into shape, leaving some space to hold it with tweezers

Put the decal sheet on a wet sponge or kitchen towel until the blue backing card is saturated and the decal moves freely on the card (use paintbrush to try).

Place a few drops of water on the helmet with the paintbrush

Remove the decal from the blue card and place it on the helmet, use the paintbrush to move it to the place you want it to be

Press the decal onto the helmet with a dry kitchen towel and remove any excess water

Allow to dry for a few hours

Give it a spray of clear lacquer to make sure the decal stays on

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    Abziehbilder, decals LW (early model)


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